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Intensive English Courses

Join our signature four-skill group course that integrates language instruction into everyday contexts. This course features a consistent unit sequence that includes real-life vocabulary, stories, grammar, conversation and reading.

Choose your intensity and frequency:

20 hours/week:  A four-hour class every day, Monday through Friday
15 hours/week:  A three-hour class every day, Monday through Friday
12 hours/week:  A three-hour class four days per week
10 hours/week:  A two-hour class every day, Monday through Friday
8 hours/week:  A two-hour class four days per week
6 hours/week:  A two-hour class three days per week
4 hours/week:  A two-hour class two days per week
2 hours/week:  A two-hour class one day per week

Increase your course intensity with an ideal combination of group and private classes!

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