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Our Clients/Testimonials


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“My experience at Express Languages was amazing!  I learned a lot and am so grateful to everybody at this great school.” 

Carlos from Ecuador

“Keep up the good work and thanks for what you do for our clients. It is making a difference.”

Sally from USA

Dear Ms. Martha Sujevich!
First, thanks for all your cooperation through this event.
Also, I wish to let you know personally how very pleased our people there were with the performance of your Interpreter. They were extremely satisfied.

Gerald from USA

Andrea, thank you!!! And thanks to Margie and Shosh, they are wonderful teachers! Thekla and Nadja found their lessons very cool!!!
I hope to see you in the fall.

Hela from Germany

“Martha Sujevich is my teacher and I highly recommend her. She has a great personality, a wonderful sense of humor and is an excellent instructor.

Recently my wife and I visited Colombia in South America. Before going on this trip we met with Martha and Andrea, who also works at the Express Languages, to learn about the expressions, places of interest, where to stay, customs, food, music and dress in Colombia.
The result was an outstanding trip!!.
Martha and her staff have great local knowledge of her native country, Colombia as well as Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador, Argentina, Chile and many of the countries in South and Central America.”

Jules from USA

“Martha Sujevich: you are simply, the BEST. I am so fortunate to have you as my professor”.

Robert from USA

“The staff at Express Languages has been extremely helpful, effective and friendly.  From my first phone call to schedule a placement test to the day I came to say goodbye.  I always found Express Languages to be like a family, they really make their students feel right at home. Thank you Express Languages!”

Nelson from Ohio.

“Express Languages fue una experiencia única, es increíble lo rápido que aprendes, el ambiente, todas las personas que conoces son de verdad muy especiales. He estudiado antes en muchas partes pero ningún sitio es como Express Languages, con seguridad volveré.

Macarena from Spain

“Ho studiato inglese e Spagnolo alla Express Languages, mi sono divertito moltissimo.  Le insegnanti sono molto simpatiche e preparate, la scuola é molto accogliente ed Andrea Skala é una bravissima organizzatrice.  Spero di ritornare al piú presto a Naples e di continuare a studiare inglese e Spanolo con loro.  Grazie Mille!

Carmine from Italy

“I’m so happy to be a student at Express Languages, I can tell my English is improving! You really do a great job. Thanks!”

Suze, ESL estudent from Europe.

“As a boy I always hated school and could not relate to anything I was taught.  Martha Sujevich has an excellent technique of understanding the weaknesses of students and passing on information.  My Spanish grammar improved so much in just two weeks that I will be returning.
The atmosphere at Express Languages makes you never want to leave!
Express Languages is a wonderful place to learn.”

Jonathan, from England

“Martha, you and your staff are excellent and helpful.  I am proud to refer each and every client to your school.  Thanks for what you do and the support and encouragement you provide our clients”.

Sally from USA

“Me ha encantado aprender inglés en Express Languages en Naples, Fl.  Llegué sin saber nada y ahora hablo sin problemas.  Los profesores son muy buenos y casi todos saben más de un idioma.  La coordinadora. Andrea Skala, y la directora, Martha Sujevich, son muy amables, te hacen sentir “en casa” y todos te ayudan en todo.  En resumen: aprendes mucho, conoces gente de diferentes países y la pasas muy bien.  Ha sido una experiencia increíble y no puedo esperar para repetirla el próximo año. Andrea Skala, Martha Sujevich, Margie Erickson, gracias y gracias a  todos en Express Languages.”

Walki from Venezuela

“I just wanted to thank everybody at Express Languages, everything was awesome.  I never expected such a great learning experience”

Yanna, ESL student from Brazil.

“Estoy feliz por haber conocido a la familia de Express Languages. Gracias por su amistad.”

Anna, Spanish Student,  from USA

“I have been practicing my Spanish faithfully every day.  I am determined to do my very best when I take my test at the university.  I am very grateful that my professor, Martha Sujevich, is so thorough in her plan and so detailed in her instruction.  She makes it a pleasure to learn and to do one’s best ”

Robert from USA

” Greetings.  I wanted to let Martha Sujevich, Andrea Skala and their staff  know that my clients LOVE going to Express Languages! They are all so positive about the staff and whole experience of receiving virtually one on one ESOL…..Keep on doing what you are doing because I am seeing the clients feel so much better about themselves and they even sound more confident as well…”

Karen from USA

V lete 2008 som absolvoval individualne lekcie s Express Languages – Marjorie Erickson. Zacinal som uplne od nuly, doteraz som pouzival pri svojej praci vylucne nemecky jazyk. Za leto som sa naucil zaklanej konverzacii, ktora mi dala potrebny zaklad pre dalsie samostudium. Bol som mimoriadne spokojny s mojou lektorkou, jej kludnym a trpezlivym pristupum. Odporucam kazdemu individualne lekcie, su najefektivnejsou formou vyuky najma pre tych, pre ktorych je cas vzacnostou”.

Gustav K. from Slovakia.

“Martha Sujevich has so much energy that is entirely directed at making the Spanish language come alive for you.  She doesn’t just teach a language; she opens up the Latino culture to you, how Latinos live and think.  She makes the language much more than just a series of conjugations and grammatical rules.  In this way, the language is easier and much more enjoyable.”

Michael –  Advanced Spanish Student from USA

“Mein intensiv Sprachkurs im Oktober 2008 in der sprachschule „Express Languages Naples „ war für mich ein voller Erfolg. Es hat nicht nur richtig Spaß gemacht, sondern es wurden mir auch sehr gute Englischkenntnisse vermittelt. Die Flexibilität und die Freundlichkeit der Dozenten haben mich ebenso beeindruckt. Ich könnte mir jederzeit wieder vorstellen, einen entsprechenden Sprachkurs in dieser Sprachschule zu besuchen. Besonders bedanken möchte ich mich  auch bei Martha Sujevich die mir in vielen anderen Dingen sehr geholfen hat”.
Thorsten aus Deutschland.

Thorsten English student from Germany.

“Martha Sujevich, Andrea Skala and the rest of Express Languages’ staff are very thorough and professional, it is a pleasure working with you for our translations”

Charlie from a Professional Association.

“I’ve tried the local adult education class and became bored and frustrated with the pace.
At Express Languages the personalized attention whether you are in a group learning environment or one on one is the best! My confidence is growing with each hour I continue.  These classes are a must if you want to set yourself apart and be part of a solution in communication with our ever changing environment”.

Rickie S – Spanish Student from USA – Local business owner and life learner.

“El local onde Express Languages esta situada esta en um lugar excelente .  A professora esta de “paraben” muito bem preparada tan una forma incrivel de ensino.  Les materiais da escola sao de muita qualidade, a escola ten una boa intrutura.”

Raymara from Brazil

“Mi experiencia en Express Languages fue muy satisfactoria.  Tuve la oportunidad de repasar y aprender Inglés.  Adriana enseña y corrige adecuadamente. Me gustó mucho conocer gente de diferentes países. En mi clase no habían dos personas de un mismo país”.

Claudia English student from Colombia.

“The location of Express Languages is excellent.  Maria, the instructor, is to be congratulated for being very well prepared and having such an incredible way of teaching.  The materials of the school are of high quality, and the school offers good instruction”

Student from Brazil

“Me gusta Express Languages, siento que estoy aprendiendo más rápidamente y que no estoy perdiendo mi dinero ni mi tiempo como en otras partes”.

Angela  from Guatemala.

” Las profesoras son estupendas” Excelente trabajo!.  Great Teachers.  Well done!”

Bob – Spanish Student from USA

” At Express Languages I have the best teacher I have ever had. She makes sure that everybody is following the point being made so that no one gets lost. Excellent Teachers, excellent text books”

Deac, Spanish Student from USA

” La enseñanza del idioma Inglés está garantizada por la calidad de sus profesores y su método”.

Astrid, English Student from Venezuela

Un placer haber compartido con ustedes estás increíbles semanas en ese lugar maravilloso
It was an amazing expirience !!!! Thanks

karol Kentner

Thank you for everything. Great teacher, Sue,Geat cinversdations, Grat linches .Here is not a school only,it is a family.n Il was really nice to meet with this family, I have enyoyed every moment despite many homeworks and past perfect tense I will be on September in the class with my coffee again

Nurcan Dedebaş

Hi my friends, it has beem one of the best time in my life. spending time with all of you has beem so awesome, fabulous, gorgeous, lovely, terrific - simply wonderful. I hope we will see us in netx fall. Thanks !!!


Pat von Engsberg-Eugster

Thank you so much, it was a pleasure to meet you all. I really enjoyed my time in your school. See you soon


Max Eugster

Best school & best teacher


Zdenka Vicek

Thanks you so much for your Warm hospitality. Once again I expererienced 3 amazing weeks at the express languages. The whole team is grat, the teachers are excellent and the atmosphere absolutly awesome. Thanks you again for all your kindness and the beatuful necklance. I lookforward to seeing byou very soon again. XOXO. Christine

Christine Bonhomme

I had a wonderful time with you guys!!
Will miss you all

Janina Falck

It waas indeed our honor....ypur all are so professional, dedicated and the love you have for your work and your students is amazing We love each of you.

Bill O´Meara

Thank you Josh and Andrea Emberg! for me it was great pleasure too, to meet you and spend this summer with you! come to Kazakhstan! you´re always welcome! see u online

Assanova Balnur

We are going to miss you too. We had a very great time at Express languages with all of you. Thank you . À bientột


Valérie collard leprévoost

Big congratulations to our amigos form DeAngelis Diamond Construction who graduated today form their Spanish for Contruction course !! it great to see how much pregress youb guys have made In our opinion you are ready for the "se habla español" name tag welcome to the Express Languages Family keep on learning is intentional



Afterward 5 weeks we finished our individual language program at Express languages. We had a great time. Special thanks to my teacher Josh Carlos Emberg for amazing classes


Zdeka Vlcek

I took mandarin classes at Express Languages before I moved to Hong Kong. 
I can say it was the best investment I have ever made! Being exposed to the language before my trip, has opened many doors and I feel much more confident around the city and interacting with the people I meet. The best part is I have been able to continue my classes with the same instructor on Skype. 
The team at Express Languages are really professional yet extremely friendly. Overall I had a great experience at the school. I'm really glad that I took the first step and I would recommend this fantastic School to anyone who is ready to learn a new language.

Aaron Radcliffe 

To Whom it May Concern:

I am writing this letter in thanks after completing a 20 hour Spanish course. I hosted the class in my home twice weekly for students ages 6-11, and our experience was universally positive. From my initial call inquiring about instruction, through the registration process, and throughout the classes themselves, I was impressed.

The teachers were outstanding. The level of care your school took to include two teachers in the beginning showed us your dedication to the educational outcomes we were hoping to achieve for our kids. This is only one small example of how Express Languages went above and beyond my already high expectations!

Izabella was our main teacher. She was always prompt, organized, and dynamic. Her knowledge of both the Spanish language as well as teaching methodology appropriate to age was exceptionally strong. The activities she planned were well received by the children. It was obvious that Izabella is a keen observer of varying personalities, and took great care to provide instruction that would resonate with each child. As a parent observing the class, it was very powerful to see Izabella get to know the children and plan language lessons specifically for the needs she observed.  In her kind and warm manner, Izabella was able to guide our children through a very strong introduction to Spanish. They have learned so much and have a strong foundation for future learning.

Many parents in this group have expressed an interest in continuing Spanish instruction next school year. I look forward to helping coordinate more classes. I will also enthusiastically recommend your school to both the homeschool community and the general public seeking language instruction. Thank you again.


Lindsay Smith


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