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Who we are

Express Languages is the premier language instruction and language services provider in Southwest Florida. Started in 2000, it offers the combined language instruction experience of a professional staff who knows how to make language learners successful.




Martha Sujevich, Team Leader
Advanced Spanish Instructor

Martha Sujevich holds a Degree of Languages and Education from the prestigious UIS (Universidad Industrial de Santander – Colombia). She brings to Express Languages her vast experience in business and teaching, as well as in cross-cultural communication. Her passion for cultures and languages comes from extensive academic study and global travel.

In Martha’s own words: “For ten years as the Director of Express Languages, I've been fortunate to meet people who constantly inspire me. Receiving thank you notes almost daily, I realize that in following my dream I have found my calling. I thank our wonderful students from all over the world. Our students include public figures, world renown scientists, sports figures, academia professionals, business executives, immigrants that succeed beyond belief and the ones that are taking their first baby steps towards reaching their goals in this country. Thank you! You are our source of motivation!

All of us at Express Languages feel blessed because you have given us the opportunity to serve you. We are committed to exceeding your expectations in reaching your goals.

I admire a person that makes a serious decision to enrich his/her life by learning another language. This person is better able to touch and serve the lives of others. Ultimately, a new language is a tool with multiple benefits for your brain and your mind as well as a key to approaching and understanding other cultures.”

Andrea Emberg was born in Colombia. She attended university in Colombia and holds a degree in Psychology. She loves traveling, meeting people from different places and learning about their culture and way of life. She calls Colombia, USA and Australia home.


Andrea Emberg,


Nina Morway,

Nina Morway has more than 30 years of experience teaching English as a Second Language and managing language schools. She was born in Brazil of American parents and speaks Portuguese and Spanish. She founded the American English Center in Anapolis, Brazil, in 1978.

Raised as a global nomad, Sue lived in 8 countries before the age of 21. Inspired by this rich global experience, Sue went on to receive a Master’s degree in Cultural and Linguistic Diversity and has taught over 10,000 hours in Business and Academic English to more than 60 nationalities spanning every continent.Teaching ESL at the University of Pennsylvania, the Ivy League university ranked 7th along with MIT.

Sue instructed global executives enrolled in the Business Intensive Program (BIP) designed for corporate clients attending Penn’s Wharton Business School. Ranked 4th in the world, Wharton’s courses demand proficiency in Business English. Grateful for her rigorous training and drive for excellence, students consistently gave her glowing evaluations during her tenure.Along with Wharton, Sue also worked at Wyeth Pharmaceuticals (Pfizer) for 8 years as the in-house language trainer responsible for designing and customizing ongoing language instruction for global personnel and families.Her 16 years as a university professor teaching 4-credit ESL courses combined with her vast corporate experience makes Sue a true expert in field of ESL. A great professor and an inspiration for all of our students at Express Languages!


Sue Minnick
English Professor


Thayra Diehr
Coordinator / Spanish Instructor

Thayra- holds a Degree in Foreign Languages from the University of Puerto Rico. She teaches Spanish and is passionate about languages. She speaks fluent Spanish, English and Italian, and is on her way to being proficient in German. She is always happy and radiates it to her students and colleagues!

Izabela is an experienced bilingual teacher of Spanish and Polish, dedicated to fostering education by creating a stimulating and culturally friendly environment for students. She believes education is a precious gift that can’t be taken away and one which opens many doors in life.

Izabela holds various degrees, including a Master’s degree in Spanish Philology, with honors, from the University of Granada in Spain. She continued her postgraduate studies in Teaching Polish Culture and Polish as a Foreign Language at the University of Silesia in Poland, and in Management from the Warsaw School of Economics.

Izabela has enjoyed being a teacher and translator, working with private and corporate clients. She has worked with Spanish companies for more than ten years. Izabela goes beyond teaching Spanish by helping her students to stay focused on their goals, whether being able to communicate in everyday life or in their business


Izabela Wright
Spanish Instructor


Margie Erickson
ESL Instructor

Margie teaches English and Spanish as a second language.
She attended the University of Florida in Gainesville, Fl.Her students say:
“She is the best instructor we have ever had!”
“She believes in me and that helps me succeed.”
“She is wonderful.”
“Margie motivates me to do better every time. I look forward to coming to class.”
“The way she explains things makes everything so easy.”
For Margie, teaching is not just a job, it is a way to help students improve their lives and enjoy their surroundings.

Viviana is from Italy.  She is extremely qualified and holds several degrees, including a master's degree in Literature and Philosophy from the University of Bologna--the oldest university in the world--and a doctorate in Italian History. Her experience of more than ten years teaching various levels, from middle school to university, as well as Italian for foreigners, makes her a perfect match for our Express Languages Team. Viviana learned to speak French during her memorable journeys through France. Her energy will motivate you to learn about her language, her country and the culture that she loves. Come and enjoy our great Italian classes!

Viviana Ardesia 
Italian Instructor


Josh Emberg
English Instructor

Josh was born in Australia, he spent his early years in Seattle, Washington. He has lived in every state in Australia and many places overseas.
Josh has an associate’s degree in Philosophy and was a member of the Royal Australian navy for six years. He has traveled the world extensively following his passion for teaching and learning about other cultures. He has taught English in London, Bogota, Mendoza and now we are lucky to have him as one of our great instructors here in Naples, Florida.
His passion for teaching, enthusiasm and capacity to share his knowledge make him a student’s favorite!

As a Southwest Florida native, Allison spent her childhood living in the majority of the United States from Hawaii to Maine.  As an adult she broadened her horizon  and continued to move places overseas to teach English as a second language. She studied at  Edison State in Naples, Fl.  and continued her education in Edinburgh, Scotland where she earned her CELTA through the University of Cambridge. Upon her return to the U.S. she acquired her music teaching license.  With her previous  experience of teaching music at the Philharmonic Center for the Arts, she combined both  passions and taught English through music in Asia.  She is an avid traveler and has visited ten countries and has lived in three. She has a sincere dedication to enriching, motivating and educating the lives of students of all ages.

Our students say: "We love her attitude and enthusiasm. Her positivity, humor and musical voice are great."


Allison Arnold 
English Instructor


Joan Hoffmeister

Joan Hoffmeister was born in Italy. At the age of 5, her family immigrated to Buenos Aires, Argentina and there Joan started her formal Spanish education. She grew up speaking both Spanish and Italian at home. At the age of 15, she moved with her family to New York City where she attended high school and college. After receiving a Master’s degree in Spanish and French from Saint John’s University, Joan taught for 9 years in the New York public school system.

She then received a contract to teach Spanish, Italian and French at the Tehran American School in Tehran, Iran. She taught there for 5 years and then went on to Manama, Bahrain where she taught English to the Bahrainis at the British Council and Batelco Local University for another five years. Later, Joan received a grant from the French government to attend a summer program at the Language Institute in Becanson, France to enrich her knowledge of the French language and culture.
Joan has lived and traveled extensively throughout Europe, the Middle East and the Far East. Joan came to Naples, Florida in 1985 and has taught at Naples High School, Barron Collier High School and Gulfview Middle School. She has also taught French and Spanish at the Summer Program for Children 5 – 12. Joan was awarded Teacher of Distinction by the Collier County School System.
Joan is passionate about teaching other languages and cultures. She makes learning a language an exhilarating experience by incorporating speaking, writing, and reading along with the culture and customs of the people who speak the language. Joan uses the technique of incorporating the target language as much as possible in her instruction. Of course, whenever necessary, she will use English to explain the difficult concepts of grammar and language usage. She has the knowledge and capability to implement just about every teaching technique or means available to make a foreign language come alive. Joan is truly a linguist with her many years of teaching experience.


Karen Castagnoli
American Accent Training Instructor


Tina Scudelletti-Alabbas
English / Italian Instructor

Born in Cleveland, I lived in Italy from age 6 till age 14 where I attended the Italian schools.  My college career began with attending Marymount College in Boca Raton, now called Lynn University, and achieved my Associates Degree.  In my junior year, I attended the American School of Barcelona Spain through Temple University.
I completed my senior year at Notre Dame College in Cleveland, Ohio for my senior year concentrated in a major in Spanish followed by a minor in Political Science, Social Studies, History and International Business.  I attended Cleveland State University to achieve my teaching credentials.
In 2008, I attended Grand Canyon University to achieve my Master of Education in Technology.
Presently, I teach Italian and Spanish for the collier county school system and English and Italian at Express Languages!

Ursula was born and raised in Germany. She lived in Paris, France, for 25 years. Her professional education began in Hamburg, Germany, continued at the University of Cambridge in England and later she obtained her Master’s Degree from the Sorbonne University in Paris.

She loves languages and cultures. Ursula speaks German, French, English and Spanish. She is currently learning Italian.

Her students appreciate the efficient way she helps them in achieving their goals. Ursula is a result-oriented person and works tirelessly to obtain results. She prepares her students to communicate in the new language and to integrate themselves into their new culture


Ursula Gruska
German Instructor

Olga Miller
Russian Translator and Instructor

Olga holds a degree in teaching languages and literature.  She majored in Linguistics at Kyrgyz State University, Bishkek, Kyrgyztan and holds an MBA. She obtained a certificate from Indiana University in IREX – Regional Scholars in Contemporary Issues Program.  She has been an instructor and translator for more than 25 years.



Jose Zampogna
Visiting ESL Instructor


Adriana Fuller
Portuguese Instructor

Adriana Fuller holds a degree in English Education/American & British Literatures from Rio de Janeiro State University, Brazil. Her goal is to teach a foreign language in such a way that her students feel they are having fun and acquiring the target language as one they feel comfortable with. The exchange of opinions and life experiences on different topics are widely brought out in class along with the current lesson, which encourages students to feel at ease with the instructor.  Engaging in natural conversation will help students succeed with their communication at work.

Maria holds degrees from Florida Atlantic University and Florida International University. She is the ESOL Certification and SAC Committee/Chairperson.

Maria Rakes
ESL Instructor

Desiree Abdo
Arabic and French Instructor and Translator


Sheryl holds a Master’s degree in Education and Instruction from the University of Virginia.

Sheryl Martino
Spanish Instructor


Corinna Girard
ESL Instructor

Corinna holds a degree in French and Secondary Education from Carson in Jefferson City, TN.  She studied at Al Akkhawayn University in Ifrane, Morocco and La Sorbonne in Paris, France.


Christel Sutter
German instructor and translator


Dave Jaye

Dave is our recruiting specialist and a much appreciated member of our team, since he is our link to the Naples community. Dave works with students and corporations to promote English at the workplace.Dave Jaye earned his Masters Degree and Bachelors Degree from the University of Michigan and Ph.D. studies at Michigan State University. Dave Jaye received his ESOL and teaching certifications from the State of Florida.

As a visiting Professor, Dave taught Freshman English, Business, Economics, Public Policy and preparation to study overseas at several South Korean Universities and Edison College. He has taught seminars and weekly classes on Presentations, Business Writing, Meetings, Telephoning, Culture and Negotiating English skills for several S. Korean and American Corporations. Dave Jaye helped organize and taught High School and Middle School home stay programs for international students visiting and studying in Naples, FL.

Angelica has a degree in Business Administration from Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano in Bogotá.


Angelica Martinez


Cecilia Huérfano-Fuentes
Latin America Representative

Colombian phone:+57 422 7134
Colombian Cell Phone:+57 3503167377
WhatsApp: 1(239)888-2060

Cecilia is from Colombia. She graduated in Marketing from Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano and received her postgraduate degree in Administration from Universidad del Rosario in Bogotá.

She is a results-driven professional with advertising, sales, and marketing experience. For more than fifteen years she has been developing and executing customized plans to increase market share in different industries.

Cecilia speaks Spanish and English. Her mission is to enable Latin American professionals to come and fulfill their dreams of becoming bi-lingual.

In her free time, she loves reading and spending quality time with her loved ones.


We are welcoming students from all over the world since 2000.  If your country isn’t listed here, please let us know.


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